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The Routledge Companion to the Frankfurt School

The Routledge Companion to the Frankfurt School

Ed. by Peter E. Gordon, Espen Hammer, & Axel Honneth

Routledge, 2018

576 pages


Part I: Basic Concepts

1. The Idea of Instrumental Reason - J.M. Bernstein
2. The Idea of the Culture Industry - Juliane Rebentisch & Felix Trautmann
3. Psychoanalysis and Critical Theory - Joel Whitebook
4. The Philosophy of History - Martin Shuster
5. Discourse Ethics - Maeve Cooke
6. The Theory of Recognition in the Frankfurt School - Timo Jütten
7. History as Critique: Walter Benjamin - Eli Friedlander
8. Topographies of Culture: Siegfried Kracauer - Andreas Huyssen
9. History and Transcendence in Adorno’s Idea of Truth - Lambert Zuidervaart

Part II: Historical Themes

10. Ungrounded: Horkheimer and the Founding of the Frankfurt School - Martin Jay
11. Revisiting Max Horkheimer’s Early Critical Theory - John Abromeit
12. The Frankfurt School and the Assessment of Nazism - Udi Greenberg
13. The Frankfurt School and Antisemitism - Jack Jacobs
14. The Frankfurt School and the Experience of Exile - Thomas Wheatland
15. Critical Theory and the Unfinished Project of Mediating Theory and Practice - Robin Celikates
16. The Frankfurt School and the West German Student Movement - Hans Kundnani

Part III: Affinities and Contestations

17. Lukács and the Frankfurt School - Titus Stahl
18. Nietzsche and the Frankfurt School - David Owen
19. Weber and the Frankfurt School - Dana Villa
20. Heidegger and the Frankfurt School - Cristina Lafont
21. Arendt and the Frankfurt School - Seyla Benhabib & Clara Picker
22. Marcuse and the Problem of Repression - Brian O’Connor
23. Critical Theory and Poststructuralism - Martin Saar
24. Habermas and Ordinary Language Philosophy - Espen Hammer

Part IV: Specifications

25. The Place of Mimesis in The Dialectic of Enlightenment - Owen Hulatt
26. Adorno and Literature - Iain Macdonald
27. Adorno, Music, and Philosopy - Max Paddison
28. Schelling and the Frankfurt School - Peter Dews
29. Critical Theory and Social Pathology - Fabian Freyenhagen
30. The Self and Individual Autonomy in the Frankfurt School - Kenneth Baynes
31. The Habermas–Rawls Debate - James Gordon Finlayson

Part V: Prospects

32. Idealism, Realism, and Critical Theory - Fred Rush
33. Critical Theory and the Environment - Arne Johan Vetlesen
34. Critical Theory and the Law - William E. Scheuerman
35. Critical Theory and Postcolonialism - James D. Ingram
36. Critical Theory and Religion - Peter E. Gordon
37. Critical Theory and Feminism - Amy Allen
38. Critique, Crisis, and the Elusive Tribunal - Judith Butler
39. Critique and Communication: Philosophy’s Missions - Jürgen Habermas (interview) 

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