Thursday, October 15, 2020

On Cristina Lafont’s "Democracy without Shortcuts"

"Journal of Deliberative Democracy" vol. 16, no. 2 (2020) is a special issue on Cristina Lafont’s latest book "Democracy without Shortcuts" (Cambridge University Press, 2020):

"Introduction" by  Nicole Curato, Julien Vrydagh, & André Bächtiger

"Commentary on Cristina Lafont, Democracy Without Shortcuts" - Jürgen Habermas

"A Citizen-Centered Theory" - Jane Mansbridge

"Between Full Endorsement and Blind Deference" - Robert E. Goodin

"Towards a More Robust, but Limited and Contingent Defence of the Political Uses of Deliberative Minipublics" -  André Bächtiger  & Saskia Goldberg 

"It’s Not Just the Taking Part that Counts" - James Pow , Lisa van Dijk & Sofie Marien

"Cristina Lafont’s Challenge to Deliberative Minipublics" - James Fishkin

"The Derailed Promise of a Participatory Minipublic" - Ronald Van Crombrugge

"Citizens Without Robes: On the Deliberative Potential of Everyday Politics" - Simone Chambers

"Participatory Deliberative Democracy in Complex Mass Societies" - Mark E. Warren

"Another Way for Deepening Democracy Without Shortcuts" - Tetsuki Tamura

"Against Anti-Democratic Shortcuts: A Few Replies to Critics" - Cristina Lafont

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