Friday, October 30, 2020

Papers on "Liberalism and Distributive Justice"

The new issue of "Philosophy and Public Issues" features a book symposium on Samuel Freeman's "Liberalism and Distributive Justice" (Oxford University Press, 2018):

Samuel Freeman - "Liberalism and Distributive Justice. A Précis" [pdf]

William A. Edmundson - "The Choice of a Social System: Reflections on a “Property-Owning Democracy and the Difference Principle”" [pdf]

Alan Thomas - "Freeman on Property-Owning Democracy" [pdf]

Jessica Flanigan - "The Rawlsian Mirror of Justice" [pdf]

Alexander Kaufman - "Reasoning About Distributive Justice. Justice as Fairness and Basic Social Institutions" [pdf]

Ingrid Salvatore - "Work in Property-Owning Democracy: Freeman, Rawls, and the Welfare State" [pdf]

Samuel Freeman - "Replies to Critics" [pdf]

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