Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Pragmatist political and social theory

The new issue of "Philosophy & Social Criticism" (vol. 48, no. 10) features articles on pragmatist political and social theory:

* "Critical problems and pragmatist solutions" [pdf] - Felix Petersen, Hauke Brunkhorst & Martin Seeliger

* "Not just a liberal – Social philosophy as antiauthoritarian and utopian social criticism: Richard Rorty’s Achieving Our Country today" - Hauke Brunkhorst

* "Vicious circles: Adorno, Dewey and disclosing critique of society" [pdf] - Arvi Särkelä

* "Not everyone can be a winner, baby: A pragmatist response to problems of contemporary crisis studies" - Veith Selk, Andy Scerri & Dirk Jörke

* "Aecsthetic transformative experience. A pragmatist outline" [pdf] - Federica Gregoratto

* "Pragmatist democracy and the populist challenge" [pdf] - Felix Petersen

* "Articulating the social: Expressive domination and Dewey’s epistemic argument for democracy" [pdf} - Just Serrano-Zamora

* "Politics, governance and the ethics of belief" - Karen Kunz & C. F. Abel

* "Does the European left have to choose between the nation-state and internationalism? Some considerations following Richard Rorty" [pdf] - Martin Seeliger & Johannes Kiess

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