Wednesday, September 02, 2009

100th anniversary of Isaiah Berlin's birth

Harvard University will be hosting a conference to mark the 100th anniversary of Isaiah Berlin's birth on September 25-26, 2009.


1. Politics Between Utopia and Reality

Michael Walzer: Should We Reclaim Political Utopianism
Malachi Hacohen: Cosmopolitanism, the European Nation State and Jewish Life - Berlin and Popper

2. Literature and the History of Ideas

Svetlana Boym: Berlin and Akhmatova - Political and Artistic Freedom
Alan Ryan: The History of Ideas as Psychodrama

3. Liberty and Liberalism

Janos Kis: Berlin's Two Concepts of Positive Liberty
Martha Nussbaum: Political Liberalism and Comprehensive Liberalism

4. Pluralism: Historical Origins and Philosophical Foundations

Pratap Mehta: What is Pluralism and How Does it Matter?
Bernard Yack: Individualism and Pluralism in Berlin's Counter-Enlightenment

Special Session
Amartya Sen: Personal Reminiscences of Isaiah Berlin

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