Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Constitutionalism and Secularism in an Age of Religious Revival

The latest issue of Cardozo Law Review (vol. 30 no. 6):

Symposium: Constitutionalism and Secularism in an Age of Religious Revival: The Challenge of Global and Local Fundamentalisms

All 25 contributions are available online, including:

Michel Rosenfeld

Kent Greenawalt
Secularism, Religion, and Liberal Democracy in the United States

András Sajó
Constitutionalism and Secularism: The Need for Public Reason

Pierre Birnbaum
On the Secularization of the Public Square: Jews in France and in the United States

Karl-Heinz Ladeur
The Myth of the Neutral State and the Individualization of Religion: The Relationship Between State and Religion in the Face of Fundamentalism

Matthias Mahlmann
Freedom and Faith—Foundations of Freedom of Religion

Adam B. Seligman
Living Together Differently

Also contributions on the relation between religion and the state, on gender and religion and on religious symbols in the public space.

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