Sunday, September 13, 2009

Conference: "A World Without Politics?"

Conference at Katholike Universiteit, Leuven, Belgium, September 17-19, 2009:

A World Without Politics?

It is the purpose of this conference to analyze the alleged depoliticization of the global order and to reflect on the ways in which this process affects the prospects of some form of global democracy.

Speakers: [Abstracts]

Joshua Cohen and Charles Sabel
“Global Public Reason: In Defense of the Banausic Conception of Politics”

Yannis Papadopoulos
"The Transnational Challenge to Democracy"

Matthias Lievens

“Carl Schmitt and the Specter of a Deterritorialized Politics”

Chantal Mouffe
“Which Democracy for an Agonistic Multipolar World?”

Etienne Balibar
“Strangers or Enemies? On the Impolitical Dimensions of Global Governance”

Jan Wouters
“From Government to Governance? Reflections from an International and European Legal Perspective”

Margaret Moore
“Global Democracy and Collective Forms of Self-Determination”

Stefan Rummens

“From Governance to Government? Representative Institutions and Democratic Legitimacy in the Global Society”

Andreas Kalyvas

“World Empire and Global Anomie in Carl Schmitt's Political Theory of International Law”.

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